Lentek MK01 Mosquito Trap

Lentek Mosquito Trap
The Lentek Mosquito Trap

The Lentek MK01 Mosquito Trap has been replaced by the Lentek MK12 Mosquito Trap

There is nothing more frustrating than being harassed by mosquitoes and other biting insects when you are trying to enjoy some relaxing time in your backyard, whether you are entertaining guests on your deck or at your poolside, barbequing a tasty steak, tending to your garden, or just sitting back in your hammock enjoying some quiet time. Fortunately, there is now a chemical-free solution to back yard mosquito control that actually works!

The Lentek Mosquito Trap utilizes the documented attractiveness of CO2, moisture, body temperature (thermal imaging), color, and airflow in an effective design to attract, capture and kill mosquitoes and other blood-seeking flying insects. Home / backyard mosquito control has never been better. Similar traps have been in use for years by universities, government monitoring programs and researchers around the world. The Lentek Mosquito Trap uses this traditional trapping approach, combined with the latest in research, to turn the female mosquitoes natural hunting techniques toward seeking out the trap and facilitating capture in a product that private homeowners can use. Only Lentek's Mosquito Trap uses all five proven mosquito attractants in one unit!

In a recent comparison of mosquito traps, Consumer Reports Magazine concluded that the Lentek Mosquito Trap and The Mosquito Magnet Liberty caught the most mosquitos in the test area over a 20 hour period, making them the two highest performing mosquito control products in the test. However, the Lentek Mosquito Trap costs almost half as much as the Mosquito Magnet Liberty! Further, it does not require chemical additives to achieve its effectiveness, and its more powerful fan can trap larger biting insects like blackflies!

"Within minutes of entering the test chamber,
swarms of mosquitos clustered around the [Lentek] Mosquitto Trap MK01."

Consumer Reports Magazine - May 2003 Issue - Page 16 Lentek Mosquito Trap

The Mosquito Trap stands approximately 55 inches tall at it's peak. The unit is 25 inches wide including the feet in the base. The completely packed box will weigh 48-50 pounds and is approximately 23.5" wide, 20.5" deep, 14.5" deep.

Lentek Mosquito Trap How it works

All warm-blooded mamals, including humans, exhale carbon dioxide (CO2) as they breath. To mimic the breath of a human, The Lentek Mosquito Trap converts propane to CO2, through the use of proprietary ceramic catalyst. The CO2 is released into the air in a plume that sends a scent trail inviting mosquitoes inhabiting your back yard or outdoor living space to the trap. Scientists consider carbon dioxide as the single most important cue used by mosquitoes for locating a source of blood (female mosquitoes can detect a host to feed on at a distance of 20 - 40 yards!). Carbon dioxide serves as the most imporntant long-range attractant to the trap.

As a mosquito converges on the trap, it is further attracted by temperature, moisture and light stimulants. The body of the trap is slightly warmed to similate the temperature of human skin. The exclusive colored light provides a visual contrast to the surroundings which further attracts the mosquito which thinks it has just found an easy meal! Once the mosquito lands on the trap, it is caught in the vacuum of the powerful fan and sucked into the trap from which it is unable to escape. It quickly dehydrates and dies.

Many species of mosquitoes do not travel far from where they hatch during their short life cycle. Continuous use of the Mosquito Trap in one area can literally collapse the mosquito population over an area of up to 3/4 acre, virtually eliminating biting mosquitoes. This is accomplished by both immediately removing biting females from the area and by eliminating them from the breeding pool. Less mosquitoes laying eggs means less mosquitoes period!