Compare Mosquito Control Traps

Most mosquito control traps use carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes, however, that is most often where the similarities end. A wide variety of other attraction methods are used with dramatically varying results. Independent tests continue to rank the Lentek Mosquito Trap (MK01G) and the Mosquito Magnet the two most effective commercially-available units on the market. Most others simply just don't compare. We have chosen to sell the Lentek Mosquito Trap exclusively because it is equally effective as the Mosquito Magnet but costs substantially less and does not use chemical attractants. We also sell Lentek's unique and very affordable EcoTrap which can be used both indoors and outdoors and has proven to be very effective as both a supplemental and stand-alone model for smaller properties (up to 1/4 acre).

The following is a discussion of some of the shortfalls of certain attraction / control technologies as well as a list of competitors' products and the technologies they use. Once you have had a chance to review this information, as well as the 3 independent studies noted below, we are confident that you will agree that the Lentek Mosquito Trap is the most cost-effective solution on the market today that actually works.

Chemical Attractants

Various chemical attractants are used to try to lure mosquitoes into traps. The most frequently used attractant is octenol, whcih has proven effective in attracting certain types of mosquitoes. Most of these attractants require EPA registration and many are simply not effective. It is also believed by some that an attractant to one species of biting insect, may actual serve as a repellant to another. Chemical attractants require periodic replacement which adds an ongoing operational cost.

Glue or "Sticky" Boards

Several traps use sticky boards covered in glue as opposed to a vacuum to capture the mosquitoes. They require periodic replacement lose their efficiency as they begin to become contaminated with dead mosquitoes or other debris.

Zappers / Electrocution Grids

This type of control device is best known to many of us. Unfortunately, zapper grids are inefficient and require frequent cleaning. Further, some suggest they can be unsafe around children and pets, and some research suggests that contaminants added to the air once a bug is "zapped" could be an allergen. Traditional zappers also kill beneficial insects.

Independent testing has consistently concluded that the Lentek Mosquito Trap produces mosquito capture rates consistent with the market-leading Mosquito Magnet . However, the Lentek Mosquito Trap costs almost half as much as the Mosquito Magnet! Further, it does not require chemical additives to achieve its effectiveness, and its more powerful fan can trap larger biting insects like blackflies! The Lentek Mosquito Trap has a "heat attraction area" of 138 square inches and a "suction area" of 17.25 square inches, more than 5 times the heat attraction of the Mosquito Magnet and 13 times the heat attraction of the Flowtron trap! The Lentek Mosquito Trap also has greater suction area than these other products (suction area of the Mosquito magnet is only 9.6 square inches).

Comparison studies:

The Field Efficacy of Commercial Mosquito Traps Utilized in Polk County, Florida April 16, 2002 - May 18, 2002. - Robert W. J. Weiss
Comparison study of effectiveness of several home mosquito trap devices, including Mosquito Magnet, Lentek Mosquito Trap, Coleman Mosquito Deleto, Sonic Web, EPAR Mosquito Killer, and Flowtron Powertrap.

University Test of Several Mosquito Traps
Conducted by Dr. J.F. Butler of the University of Florida Dept. of Entomology and Nematology.

Consumer Reports Magazine (R) - May 2003 Issue - Page 16

Product Name Attractants Collector
Power Source Cost
Advantages Disadvantages
Lentek MK12 Guardian Mosquito Trap CO2, moisture, heat (advanced thermal imaging), light, and octenol vacuum 110V AC and propane OUR PRICE ONLY US$349.95 / CDN$456.45
  • very effective
  • lightweight/compact
  • reasonable price/best value
  • wheels
  • low maintenance
  • must replace octenol every 21 days
Mosquito Deleto by Coleman CO2, heat, chemicals glue board 110V AC and propane ~$200
  • low price
  • not avail. in CA or NY
  • past safety recall!
  • effectiveness? see comparison studies
  • higher maintenance cost
Mosquito Power Trap by Flowtron CO2, heat, chemical vacuum 110V AC and propane ~$375
  • ?
  • under-powered collection vacuum
  • effectiveness? see comparison studies
  • higher maintenance cost
Mosquito Magnet Pro, Liberty, & Freedom CO2, heat, chemicals vacuum propane ~$500
  • very effective for mosquitos, wheels, no electric cord required
  • high price
  • must replace octenol frequently
  • lower powered fan is quieter but less effective against larger biting insects
  • higher maintenance cost
The Dragonfly CO2, heat, chemicals zapper 110v AC ~$645 ?
  • effectiveness? see comparison studies
  • high price
  • requires separate CO2 tank
  • higher maintenance cost
Sonic Web heat, sound, chemicals glue board 110v AC ~$300 ?
  • effectiveness? see comparison studies
  • higher maintenance cost
EPAR Mosquito Trap C02, heat zapper & vacuum 110v AC ~$800 ?
  • effectiveness? see comparison studies
  • higher maintenance costs
  • requires separate CO2 tank
  • high price
Mosquito Trap USA C02, heat, chemicals, light tray of goo 110v AC ~$550 ?
  • effectiveness? see comparison studies
  • higher maintenance costs
  • required CO2 tank sold separately