Lentek Eco Trap

Lentek Eco-Trap
The Lentek Eco Trap

Lentek's Eco-Trap is an indoor / outdoor mosquito killing system. It uses an effective combination of natural food grade compounds mixed into a patented attractant to effectively lure mosquitoes and biting flies and trap them.

The Eco-Trap combines seven attractants including temperature, color, shape, and timed CO2 and moisture release of the special attractant, to capture biting insects such as mosquitoes and blood-seeking flies.

The EcoAttract Biting Insect Attractant can be easily inserted into the unit at any time for improved mosquito and biting fly attraction! Once biting insects are drawn to the unit, mosquitoes and flies stick to the adhesive pad where they dehydrate and die. Pads are easily replaced as needed.

The EcoTrap uses seven attractants in a single machine.

Documented tests have shown EcoTrap is able to catch more mosquitoes WITHOUT attractant than the two leading competitors units. One test shows a catch of 250 mosquitos in only 15 minutes. If you're looking for a higher catch rate, just add an attractant into the unit and you can up to double the mosquitoes caught.

The EcoTrap is extremely simple to maintain. All that is required is to change the attractant paper when necessary, and add an extra attractant cartridge if needed. As you will be able to see the captured mosquitos on the attractant paper, you will always be able to monitor the catch rate of the EcoTrap.