Lentek Mosquito Trap Review

The following is an uncolicited testimonial received from one our customers:

As the owner of a mobile marine repair company I travel to many locations that are usually very damp and swampy. Needless to say, mosquitoes and no see um's are everywhere. I purchased one of the Lentek MK 01 units and set it up at my home in Fort Lauderdale, which was close to a swampy area as well. I used the unit for months and began spending less time at my home, letting the unit run out of propane. One evening while I was home, a neighbor from three houses up the street stopped by to ask if the mosquito eater was still running. I told him that since I was spending most of my time at my girlfriends house many miles away, I had let the unit run out of fuel and it was just sitting there. He at that time offered to refill the propane and watch over the unit because since it had run out of fuel, he had gotten to the point that he could not go outside in the evening due to the bugs. We refilled the unit and within just a few weeks, the area returned to it's bug free condition. When I moved, I took the unit with me but informed him that I would be taking it with and he immediately ordered an MK-01 for himself. That was three years ago and Trevor still loves his Lentek MK 01 unit. I have recommended the unit to many of my customers and business associates and after installing them, they scream that they wished they had know about them before. The Lentek mosquito control units are lifesavers to us in the tropics and to those who live in mosquito populated areas. Thank you for a wonderful machine.

Captain Donald W. Govan
Pompano Beach, Florida